TTIP free trade agreement – curse or blessing?

On 10 March, 2015, Inés Jakob gave an expert presentation on the topic of the TTIP free trade agreement at the Wirtschaftsjunioren (association of young entrepreneurs and business executives) business breakfast at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Nuremberg. 

Practically every single medium has reported on the scheduled TTIP free trade agreement over the past few weeks. The French newspaper Le Monde diplomatique referred to it as a "coup in slow-motion". Will the USA have the right to take part in European legislation in the future? Can the agreement be seen as a threat to the regulation of the financial markets? What might this entail for standards applicable in the EU as regards agriculture and food? The questions, and more importantly the answers to these questions will affect every EU citizen sooner or later, and so it is understandable that there is a heated debate underway over the pros and cons. There is a severe need for explanation.

In front of a "full house", the lawyer spoke for over an hour, before taking questions from the floor. Among the keen spectators were Dr. Udo Raab, IHK Nuremberg, head of regional economic policy and business promotion, and Melanie Kress, IHK Nuremberg, deputy head of the international division, who with their profound knowledge were able to make a valuable contribution to the discussion. 

After the official part, the participants had the opportunity to exchange thoughts, viewpoints and ideas over light refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere.