Our firm's areas of practice

  • (UN) law on the international sale of goods
  • Distribution law (trade law)
  • Freight law
  • Shipping law
  • Customs law

We draft contracts tailored for your company's needs. Having discussed your goals and objectives with you, we will work with you to arrive at a suitable contract for your company, supporting you all the way from the first draft to the final document. In particular, we are happy to provide our drafting expertise and experience for the drafting of the following types of contracts.

  • Supply agreements and contracts for the sale of goods (including under the CISG)
  • Freight agreements
  • Freight forwarding agreements
  • Warehousing agreements
  • Special contracts

We provide you with support throughout the performance of the contract. Contracts often need to be adjusted to take changing circumstances into account. Sometimes, changing circumstances may even necessitate their termination. As experts in drafting agreements, we can provide you with assistance in:

  • Adjusting contracts
  • Amending contracts
  • Terminating, rescinding and nullifying contracts

Problems may arise during the performance of any contract. These problems need to be analysed and attempts should be made to resolve them amicably and out of court. We make it our job to provide you with expert advice and to find sensible, practical solutions for you. Classic problem areas include:

  • Defaults on payment, commissions, settlement rights, expense allowances, 
  • defects, delays, non-performance and other breaches of contract.
  • Transport damage, delayed delivery, loss of goods
  • Customs fees and import duties 

Where a dispute cannot be resolved amicably, we are pleased to represent you in litigation or arbitration to enforce your rights or to defend you against unjustified claims made against you. We can represent you before

  • National civil courts
  • Arbitration tribunals and
  • Financial courts

We look forward to helping you with your next challenge!