For manufacturers and distributors

Are you a manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler or do you run a distribution company with diverse existing or future business relations for goods trade? 

Then commercial law, sales of goods law, distribution law, transportation and logistics law and sometimes even corporate law are also of particular importance to you, alongside civil law. 

We deal with the drafting and performance of purchase and supply agreements, agency and distributor agreements, service contracts, work supply contracts and shipment contracts. With the right drafting, you can reduce the risk of legal disputes from the outset. 

You can expect excellent consultation and support in overcoming out of court disputes, even at international level.

This will enable you to maintain business relationships even amidst difficult situations, without having to fear negative legal consequences, thus reinforcing your image. 

We also take care of the legal enforcement of your claims and the prevention of unjustified claims. 

If you would like to establish a corporation (Ltd.), a partnership (general partnership, limited commercial partnership, limited company & Co., civil law association (GbR)) or a business in another European corporate form, or if you have ongoing corporate disputes, we would be happy to provide you with consultation and support.